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Ellis Paul

Welcome Home to Maine

I took the back roads through Fisherman's Cove
Tracing my way home to Maine
There's color on the trees
Boats out on the seas
Halleluia, some things never change.

There's a schooner out in Yorktown
She's white as a wedding gown
Breaking the crest of the waves
I saw my ghost in Portland
On the cobblestones a younger man
Trying his best to misbehave

[chorus 1]
Maine, Maine, look how the years have changed me
The road has rearranged me
Won't you tell me who I am?

[chorus 2]
Maine, Maine, your rivers and back roads claim me
Ah, the ocean is calling - it names me
It's the voice of an old friend
Welcome home to Maine

It's a white-line road
Through Hickory Grove
A cider house with frost on the eaves
There's a woman up in Camden [**I took a left for Bangor]
With a brass bed I could land in [**There's woman there I'm longing for]
Makes me wonder why I'd leave

[repeat chorus 2]

Papa's in his wool cap
Waiting on a cold snap
Fixing up a Sunday feast
The sheet's are on the line
I'm taking back in time [**The flannel ones are mine]
To when time was something I didn't need [**Mama's making up the beds we need]

[repeat chorus 1]

[repeat chorus 2]

Welcome home to Maine, Maine, Maine [repeat]

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