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Ellis Paul

She Loves a Girl

You grew up thinking you knew her
Nothing could keep you apart
You remember nothing peculiar
She always spoke from the heart

You took your parents' religion
And you drank it down like a coke
It helped to quench your confusion
Now look who's heart that it broke

She loves a girl
She loves a girl
She loves a girl
What are you gonna do --
If you love her too?

A gold and white invitation
Your parents will not attend
They put a knife to the blood line
When the couple became more than friends

The preacher sang "Hallelujah"
But it rang more like a curse
One love at the cost of another
Man, that's when love really hurts


So take a seat
In the world of the open minded
And when you speak, tell them
Even love can be blinded

You think more of the future
When change brings your past to an end
Use your love like a suture
That's a good place to begin


Ellis Paul Music (SESAC) 1998