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Ellis Paul

Snow in Austin

I woke up to frost on the window
I'd been sleeping in a snow-globe town
Six inches on the ground
You always said I'd never would see a white Christmas
Snow angels never make it to Texas
But you were wrong
They're outside singing Hank William's songs

If snow can fall in Austin
Why can't you fall into my arms?
So you say your home is Boston
What's New England got on all these Texas charms?

Dance on the ground
Armadillos (poor little guys)
Upside down
Have you ever seen a cactus Christmas tree?
Come see
Come home to me

[repeat chorus]

There's a snowman standing out on 6th street
With a hat, a scarf, and a broom guitar
They're hanging mistletoe up in the bars
Do you remember that night at Las Monitas
Our heads were numb from frozen margaritas
Imagine how
Cold they would be now

[repeat chorus]

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