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Ellis Paul


Words are better when they're written down
They fall to the page with no sound
And if you let them sit awhile,
Give them time and distance.
You won't hear the rattle in the voice
That gives a fool away with no choice
Time is all you have tonight
So take the time and get this right

Your eyes make me humble,
I fall down at your feet.
Pick me up if I stumble
Over words I can not speak.
I can't speak...

And so I'm mining an empty page
For the words I've got to say
The sun brings another day and here I am still reaching
I hear the sigh of a morning train
I watch it waking you up again
These words I can't explain
But here I am still speaking...

You say if you doubted me,
That you'd take all that was yours and you'd go
So take what you've given me,
If these words don't voice what a heart just knows...

I just can't speak...
I just can't speak...
I just can't speak...