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Ellis Paul

Friday Night

from: Am I Home
The moon must know it's Friday, he's been drinking all night
Crooning and swooning,
he says come dance in the half-light
So you whirl out a step, choreographed by wine
And you dance with the moon, the stars, and the stop sign

In my mind, I see a lifetime of tonights
But I'll keep that thought sealed tight
Live for the moment that is tonight
There's no rain in the gutters, the moon's fully bright
Let it shine all it's power,
I may not get another Friday night...

You whirl and a child-like wisdom glows on your face
The moon you have embraced You left him spell-bound, staggered, in his starry, starry place
Round, round, round, he's spinning round you, round you
Dancing, twirling, in a wild lunar chase

Though the moon's all but eclipsed tonight
By curtains and candlelight He's tapping at me through the window pane
In his top hat and cane...

Ellis Paul/End Construction Publishing (ASCAP) 1992