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Ellis Paul

Am I Home

from: Am I Home
Old manbus stopfifty-cents fare
Eyes caught staringhes glaringlook elsewhere
Brown leather shoes down there
Cobblestones and footwear

Brown hair girl facebright eyes
You think...kisslustI love you
She wont acknowledge you
But she flips her hair on cue
All the kids in school

Am I home?
Am I home?
Am I home?
Am I home?

If I had the quarters Id run to Store 24
Call you on the telephone, say Im not lonesome anymore
The citys got lots of people, so Im fine, yes Im fine
Set to hang my heart out on some two-thousand-mile phone line

You may notice in the subways, in the veins a smiling face
Banging on a hollow guitar near an open clean case
Pocket change, pocket change
Ill take that Visa card stranger
And buy my way to sunlight where the airs not cold

Street lightsairthinktime for a ride
Hailing Taxi!.voice with a Caribbean inside
Pointing to itsmiling wide
What questions do they hide?

Am I home?
Am I home?
Am I home?
Am I home?

Pocket full of quarters as I run down to Store 24..

Copyright Ellis Paul Publishing