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Ellis Paul


from: Am I Home
Stop light, what do you say
I think Ill race this Caddy with my Chevrolet.
Hey man, dont you know the price of gasoline?
Youre better off in a Chevrolet.
Oh but you wont drive that in a raquetball club.
You dont want the patrons giving you the royal snub.
So you talk of the upholstery in the hot tub
You fight to remain humble in all them rising bubbles.

What do you do when somebodys looking at you out a window in a car of four lanes?
Yeah the traffics going nowhere and your bodys getting hot;
All you gotta do is sit and complain
You go no air condition, no tape deck slot, no pretty babe to kiss and no cork to pop.
You go a whole lot of nothing, got a whole lot of not,
I guess you got to face it: youre sitting and caught in a whole lot of traffic.
It kind of makes you psychopathic
You wanna pull out a semi-automatic
Your minds going crazy and the radios blaring static

Sharp shades, what do you say
Are those the ones blocking out the ultraviolet rays?
GQ gave them incredible raves; I read it off the shelf, could not afford to pay
Said Seek prevention from those cataracts, Hide your eyes, be cool when you winter raft
Hey theyre practically essential; without them ozone findings
You dont want to look like a poor person in low-income blindings

[Repeat Chorus]

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