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Ellis Paul

Poet Fool

from: Am I Home
Poet marches on in the naked kings parade
Nobody cares when he kicks up a stone
His heads hanging down from the weight of the charade
No answers in the dirt, just dead old weary bones.

You run, run, run like a mad man on a potion
You come, come down like a bird

Poet sings aloft on a stump of stone
Heavy words, heavy songs, he heaves them out to the throng
But they float like clouds across the backs of thesespoken
And he weeps like a child when they cheer an honest boys song.

[Repeat Chorus]

Poet, poet fool
You should be king
The obliging rings from your stool
The one great voice of the kingdom
But no, no, no one listens to
Poet fool

[Repeat Chorus]

Copyright Ellis Paul Publishing