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Ellis Paul

Town Crier

from: Am I Home
Now summer had been no friend to him and fall was looming cold
There was a pocket of warm near a jewelry store sellin things of gold
So he sat himself beneath the sign in the window; it said Well made sold

Jim Weston was a local cop, only 24 years old
Got a call from the jewelry store, the same old message told
Must be a million times, wish hed had a dime for every stop at that shop of gold

But all is well, all is well
All except for the town crier
But hey, hed never tell
You see he cries in his sleep
And lies when he speaks
All is well

So the old man says, Nice to see you, Jim.
And Jim smiled cause the whole town knew his name
But he couldnt recall that of the man who was sittin out in the rain
And his face was flushed with the blood of a heart of shame
You gotta get going old man, this aint no place for you.
The owners of the shop have complained.
The old man pulls himself up and says, Well, thats just the same.
Even a warm grate in a slab of concretes no place for a man with no name.

[Repeat Chorus]

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