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Ellis Paul

One Kiss Could Do Me In

The clock's been spinning since I saw you last 
And I was staring out the glass 
at the circus of people in the square
There was a band on the corner
And there you were
You step
From the shadow to the light
And I surrender Friday night
My lips are drunk
And can't be trusted

I wasted chances in my youth
On the bars in Central Square
You caught my stare
And now I'm busted

Who cracked the light
And set you down
Set you down
Who took the gravity tonight
Can't touch the ground
Can't touch the ground

Oh love you are weightless
This is how trouble begins
One touch could kill
One kiss could do me in

Now Jim behind the taps
He sees me staring
And slaps a hundred dollar bill down
That I can't get your number
He doesn't know
that know who you are

The bartender wants to know
If I can buy you a drink inside
You answered with laughter

(Chorus x2)


Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul | Ellis Paul Publishing - SESAC
Laurie MacAllister | New Leaf Music - BMI

updated: 8 years ago