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Ellis Paul

Jimmie Angel's Flying Circus

from Chasing Beauty

I knew you in your carnie days
We watched the big top swept away
You rode the wings of a hurricane
And washed the souls
of the clowns away

An Ohio cornfield eight feet high
A barker's voice
cuts through the sky
"Oh, Dear friends!
You won't believe your eyes!
When Jimmie Angel daredevil flies!

A death defying side show! Gentlemen and Ladies!
Let your eyes behold! Behold!"

You're a refugee, you're a runaway
You'll plant your seeds
But you won't stay
You'll lift your wings
Cause there'll come a day
When you fear the trees
Get in the way

You're riding in a sky show
A barrel-rolling flying circus
billboard celebrity

When the sky falls
Will you have it all?
The gold?
The rivers?
The waterfalls?
This life is a dance
A game of chance
The chase
Is all you'll ever know

A Missouri girl with blue sky eyes
"Step right up---  It's a buck a ride!"
Above the clouds a kiss, a sigh
Late night stars and last goodbyes

You're waking up the silos
Chicago to St Louis
Taking the towns gold
And then you blew right through us
(Chorus x2)


Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Ellis Paul
Bass: Gray Griggs
Drums: Travis McNabb
Keyboards: Brandon Bush
Electric Guitar: Tom Tapley
Additional Vocals: Red Molly (Molly Vetner, Abbie Gardner, Laurie MacAllister)

Ellis Paul | Ellis Paul Publishing - SESAC
Kristian Bush | Song Of The Architect - BMI
Brandon Bush | Another Song Of The Architect - ASCAP

updated: 8 years ago