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Ellis Paul


from Chasing Beauty

Don't slow down
Keep the ceiling spinning round
If you slow you know
The truth will catch you tomorrow

You think the bottom of a glass
Holds peace
Whiskey brings you sweet relief
But it's a liar
It's a thief
You can't drink away your sorrow

Was I lied to?
Was I lying to myself?
Now I'm lying wide awake
I wanted to run to you
So my eyes could see your face
Someone's lying in my place
So now I'm getting wasted
Last call
for drinks
You raise another glass
and you
Into the barstool
you sink
I am watching you wallow

There's plenty women here
You could meet
If you could stand
on your two feet
But you're stumbling
street to street
Trying to drink
away tomorrow


The first drink makes you
The second drink fakes you
Three drinks you break down
The fourth drink wreck you
Five, someone decks you
Six drink wakes the town



Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Ellis Paul
Drums: Travis McNabb
Bass, Banjo: Kristian Bush
Keyboards: Brandon Bush

Ellis Paul | Ellis Paul Publishing - SESAC

updated: 8 years ago