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Ellis Paul

Chasing Beauty

Let's shoot out the satellites
We're throwing wishes
At the twilight
You were raging,
Occasionally raising
A bottle to the night

You said,
"Every dream
that could cross our lips
lies just beyond
our fingertips..."

I caught some,
Some I let slip
right  through my fingers

We both lost track
Time was an open road
You can't look back
You're chasing beauty
On an open road

You're lit up
like a matchbox light
Like a train on fire
blazing in the moonlight
Are you alright?
"I'm alive and wide awake..."

The highway rises
turns and falls
like an Oklahoma waterfall
"Come jump in!"
The water was cool
and your words held promises


We are refugees
On the Mississippi
You're runaways
At the Golden Gate
We're chasing beauty
Oh, little miss
You'll never be captured
Like a box kite
You will never be held down
by ghost town
watching this world
Spin circles in the night

You said,
"A woman in motion
stays in motion,
Can't be stopped
by mountain,
man or ocean"

Tell me
Is your world so fast
that you can't stand still
at a crossroad?



Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Rhodes Piano: Ellis Paul
Bass: Gray Griggs
Drums: Travis McNabb
Marxsophone: Kristian Bush
Keyboards: Brandon Bush
Additional Vocals: Red Molly (Molly Vetner, Abbie Gardner, Laurie MacAllister)

Ellis Paul | Ellis Paul Publishing - SESAC