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Ellis Paul

UK Girl (Boston Calling)

Pick up London
Boston's calling
I'm crossing the Charles
The Citgo's shining
Passing by Fenway
Rotaries, one ways
I'll buy you a ticket
It's not quite cricket

And no, we are not all Yankees
We're the Red Sox
It's called baseball

Could you fly back?
I'm sidetracked
Lost in the streets of Boston/London
Everything's changed
I can't explain
How to play the best game
In the world
To a UK girl

Pick up Boston
London's calling
She's crossing the Thames
The Big Ben's chiming
She says, "One if by land,
Two by sea
From the top of the Eye
You can make me believe
In football with helmets
Baseball zealots
And that you'd send Beckham back"


There's no clowns
In Piccadilly Circus
There's no monster where
The Red Sox are worshipped
But the roar of the crowd
Can make you believe

(Chorus x2)


Vocals: Ellis Paul
Bass: Tim Smith
Drums: Travis McNabb
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar: Kristian Bush
Keyboards: Brandon Bush

Ellis Paul | Ellis Paul Publishing - SESAC
Kristian Bush | Song Of The Architent - BMI
Radoslav Lorkovic | Powder Hound Music - SESAC