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Ellis Paul

Rose In A Cage

You've been living
like a rose in a cage
Did your Daddy throw
The keys away
I've been throwing stones
At your window pane
But you've been living
Like a rose in a cage

Your brothers never
Liked me much
They'd kill me
If they knew
We had touched
The engine's running
'Fore the cops are coming
Runaway Juliet

We were born
On the opposite
Sides of town
I could spend
My life waiting
For the one chance
Where we lay down

I will fight for you
I will make it right for you
Till every brick in the wall
falls down
Till we break every lock
In this town
Till there's nothing left
But blood on a page
You'll never be
A rose in a cage
A rose in a cage

Kiss me kill me
Sweet Juliet
A runaway bride
In a red Corvette
Leaving rice and lace
All over the place
I barely even
kissed you yet

We were torn
By families that were born to fight
Baby run, gun the engine
Give me a kiss that'll burn the night



Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Ellis Paul
Bass: Gray Griggs
Drums: Travis McNabb
Electric Guitar, Additional Vocals: Kristian Bush
Keyboards: Brandon Bush

Ellis Paul | Ellis Paul Publishing - SESAC
Kristian Bush | Song Of The Architect - BMI