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Ellis Paul

Patreon All-Beatles Show Tomorrow!

Patreon All-Beatles Show Tomorrow
Hello Friends!

In the past month or so, I have broken the seal on live shows again, and to hear applause has been life affirming. I drove to Maine and spent a week on Monhegan Island playing with Susan Werner, Laurie MacAllister and Seth Glier to a nightly crowd of traveling adventurers. It gave us all the feeling that the compass is finally point in a forward direction. We should follow it! But one day at a time. I can’t believe what have been enduring here for the last year. It’s been a waking dream that we are slowly coming alive from. I hope you have feeling of relief and optimism. I do.

What does that mean for you? How does it look? Restaurants? Shows? Vacations? Living creatively? Seeing family? Taking a trip?

For me— writing, recording, playing shows at home and on the road— yes! traveling again. I’ll be doing livestream shows in the next few months as well, of course— including— get this— an ALL-BEATLES SHOW tomorrow (Sunday July 11 on www.PATREON/ellispaul 8pm ET) these cover songs have saved me for the last few months. Taught me new chords and new ideas as well. I needed the human interaction of playing them online as well.
I’ve kept up with people and tried my best to connect over the internet. I’ve been teaching songwriting online, one on ones, and giving private shows to people and businesses with something to celebrate. I love the commute of a show from home... I prefer to be face to face with you all. Really, I feel a little shy about eye contact these days , but it feels good...

So, I’m packing the car for next week. I’m thrilled to have the new experience of putting my wheels on a highway— shows in Oklahoma at the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah coming up and teaching there as well!
It's not to late to register for the Songwriting Workshop I'll be teaching one week from today in Okemah, Oklahoma.
Details and registration can be found HERE.

Then Texas in September, the Northeast in October and Southeast in November. Please come out again! I want to see your faces! Check out the touring calendar for dates:

One thing that is happening organically is that I’m writing again. I’m even thinking about putting out a double album early next year, inspired by the Beatles White album. Do you remember that the White Album has 30 songs on it?! They were song machines. Of course, they had three Beatles producing the songs. I’m thinking I will try for 20– but they’ve all got to earn a spot on album. No filler. So I’m writing, and feeling like a songwriter again, because to get 20 songs on an album you have to write forty of ‘em. And pick the best.

I don’t know how you dealt with the pandemic in your creative life, but I simply did shows and learned cover songs. I couldn’t get out from under the weight of it enough to write new ones. But I’ve had a healthier last few months. It’s helping to have less political noise on a daily basis. To have an arm that’s vaccinated. And places to go. I’ve been picking up the pen again, writing about what I care about.

Hope to see you this Fall— if not in person, come see the always present livestream shows.

When I start recording I will live-stream some of the sessions as well. Join PATREON to watch for these special event nights and days. You can get demos of the upcoming album’s new songs, hear them performed live for the first time and get the album before anyone else by joining too!

Stay healthy—- See you down the road, and this time I mean that literally—
Very best—