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Ellis Paul

Your Download of Ellis Paul's "The Storyteller's Suitcase" Is Here

Your Download of Ellis Pauls The Storytellers Suitcase Is Here

Hi Everyone—

My fingers are swollen and nicked with paper cuts as we taped and filled 400 boxes this week for shipping “The Storyteller’s Suitcase” to your door. The envelope version goes out next week to all of you who contributed at the CD level. The suitcases should start arriving as soon as today! Because of that, here is the download link for the album to fill in your time if you are waiting for any version of the physical CD, or simply someone who contributed at the download level. Thank you!

Click here to download "The Storyteller's Suitcase"!

Please post your suitcase and contents on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and let the world know about this project! The official street date release is May 31st! Please don’t publicly post the recorded music anywhere yet, it’s on the down low till then! But background music in video snippets is fine if you want to play it as a backdrop to your social media posts.

This album is the first I’ve ever produced on my own. There’s something more personal in the project because of this, it’s more my DNA, more my fingerprint. The next few recording projects will likely be produced by me as well. Mark Dann, the engineer, did an incredible job on mixing and making it sound clean and present. The musicians were fantastic. I feel like I can see into my own future of recording.

I couldn’t have made “The Storyteller’s Suitcase” without your support. Thank you. It’s been five years since my last recording. In that time, my life has had a few upheavals and this project finds me back on solid ground again. In many ways, this is a reboot to my touring life, my creative life, my shows, and the second half of my career. New songs feel like fresh blood in the veins! Please share this music with friends and family!

Hope you will come out to see shows as my national tour kicks off in June!

My very best to you—