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Ellis Paul

Fundraiser Update, Website Sale, and More!

Fundraiser Update, Website Sale, and More

Good December morning!

Where did the year go? Here we are facing the annual falling of snow, Christmas carols in stores,and  lists of desired presents for our kids.  

I’ve spent most of this year traveling— more than I have in a decade, with longer trips and more car miles than perhaps any year of my life. I spend about 25-30 hours of my week in the car, and I’ve finally found a new one, a Honda CRV that has become my second home. Since I’ve been recording The Storyteller’s Suitcase album in Woodstock, the car has provided me with a listening booth on wheels to examine performances and mixes of the recording. The album will finally be done next week, Laurie MacAllister will be laying the last of the backing vocals and then comes the  three “Ms" of Mixing, Mastering and Manufacturing. I’m listening to the rough mixes, and sending them out to business people to build a team around this recording. Radio, management, promotion. It’s very much a new start for me, kind of feels like the launching of the second half of my career (if I should be so lucky to go another 25 years). Thanks for tagging along on the first half!  

I’m mentioning the new  album in particular because some of the fundraiser levels include contributors’ names in the liner notes. This one perk will be disappearing in two weeks, when the art is sent into the printer for manufacturing. If you have any interest in seeing your name on what I think is the best Ellis Paul record of my career, now is the last chance to make it happen.  Other perks include house concerts, hand written lyrics, a tiny little suitcase full of related swag (travel stuff, journal, flask). Check it all out here: Storyteller's Suitcase Fundraiser

This fundraiser will help me pay for the musicians, the recording studio and engineer, the expense of travel days, the work days, the food we ate in studio, the manufacturing, the art design, the photography, the radio, the press, the videos, anything related to the promotion including equipment to help with distribute the album. I’m very lucky to have over 500 people join in so far! I hope you’ll be one as well.

Hopefully this recording in the hand of contributors by late January/February. We’ll be packing up envelopes and boxes soon!  

There are many shows on the horizon including the annual New Year’ Eve gigs in Portland, ME and Cambridge, MA! A Holiday Concert Window show on December 20 is also coming up - that’s a show from my living room to yours! Just click on this link to be part of the audience: Ellis Paul on Concert Window.

Check out my tour dates page for specifics about all my upcoming shows!  I’ll be starting a nationwide album release tour in the new year!  Ellis Paul Tour Dates Page

Holiday Website Store Sale

I’m having a blow-out holiday sale in my website store, offering 20% off each total order. You can shop for a variety of CDs, posters, books, and tee shirts. Simply enter the discount code HOLIDAY when you check-out. My Christmas book, “The Night the Light Went Out on Christmas”, is back in stock and comes with a copy of my holiday CD City of Silver Dreams! You will find discounted prices on some limited numbers and sizes of tee shirts. The sale will continue through Christmas Eve. Please order no later than Dec. 15 to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.  To shop, just visit this link:  Ellis Paul Website Store   And don’t forget to enter the discount code HOLIDAY when you check-out!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to you all!