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Ellis Paul


Boston Herald Review of "American Jukebox Fables"

Ellis Paul
Review by Nate Dow -- The Boston Herald
Sunday, April 3, 2005


American Jukebox Fables'' completes Ellis Paul's transformation from organic folkie to lustrous, pop troubadour. With lush production from Irish singer-songwriter Flynn and backing vocals from Rachael Davis, Paul emerges with the most accessible album of his 16-year career - and without compromising his skill as storyteller.

In 13 originals, he weaves the kind of tales folk artists cull from the American landscape. But Boston-based Paul brings a modern touch with allusions to pop culture, a timely tribute to Pat Tillman and a war orphan's plea.

Many of Paul's tunes are infused with airy pop hooks that play well against his breathy vocals. Longtime fans might find his stylistic shift jarring, but Paul's essence remains. Download: ``Bad, Bad Blood.'' (Saturday at the Somerville Theatre.)