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Ellis Paul

Million Chameleon March

The Million Chameleon March

A million chameleons went marching down the street
headed off to Washington
the President to meet
Red and yellow - green and gold
every color you could greet
They looked just like a rainbow
except they had four million feet

We want change, change
change, change, change.
If it's broken, why not fix it?
let's fight the fight till we lix it
A bad habit, we can kix it
We want change
change, change

At the podium
at the microphone
stood chameleon Stu
He said, "If we can change so easliy
Why can't the President change some too?"
Then just to prove his point
He turned from red to white then blue
Then whatttya know the whole darn crowd
went and changed into the same colors too

[repeat chorus]

Sally the chameleon
went up to the mike
and she sang a song
of the things gone wrong
and how to set them right
She said "I had a dream,
I had a scheme
I dreamed a scheme last night
That if we could just play
like we're on the same team
then this troubled world
would be all right"

[repeat chorus]