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Ellis Paul

I like To Swing

I Like to Swing

Some Marys like the merry-go-round
Some Ryders like to slide
till their feet they hit the ground
Some Punkies like the monkey bars
They're hanging till they're seeing stars
But not me,
nope pa de dope

I like to swing
Till I'm flying through the air
and the wind is in my hair
and if you ask I'll share
but not till I'm higher, higher, higher

Some Jordan's like the basketball court
but I cannot dunk a ball
See my legs are way too short
Some Regis like the beaches
cause the ocean is in reaches
But not me,
nope pa de dope

[repeat chorus]

Some Sandys like their sand in a box
Making castles making whales
with a shovel and a pail
Some tramps they like the trampoline
They're jumping like a jumping bean
But not me,
nope pa de dope

[repeat chorus]

How I like to swing! ^