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Ellis Paul

Road Trip

from Ellis Paul- The Dragonfly Races

Road Trip

We saw the Cadillac Graveyard
and Dinosaur Land
We sang at the Opry to a bluegrass band
The Painted Desert and the Great Sand Dunes
We saw the Grand Canyon from a hot air balloon

We're on a road trip
a road trip
the miles on the dash are doing back flips
There's nothing like finding a winding road trip
I dont know where we're going
but the wheels keep right on rolling
We're waving every town
bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye

We marched to the middle of the Golden Gate
Climbed a thousand stairs up the Empire State
Drove our Chevy through the middle of a redwood tree
Got chased by a grizzly in Yosemite

[repeat chorus]

We drove South of the Border
to the Everglades
Rang the Liberty Bell
Saw the Macy's Day Parade
Drifted down the Mississippi
on the Delta Queen
We danced in the streets
down in New Orleans

[repeat chorus]


Written by Ellis Paul
Ellis Paul Publishing SESAC

updated: 13 years ago