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Ellis Paul

Wabi Sabi

from Ellis Paul- The Dragonfly Races

Wabi Sabi

Some things get rusty
Some things get old
Some things get more beautiful
As the years they roll
Like your Grandpa's faded photographs
Like a dusty fishing pole
They've got wabi-sabi soul

Wabi-sabi wabi-sabi
They've got wabi-sabi soul
Treat them like friends
'Cause they're as good as gold
They've got wabi-sabi soul

Like an old creaking rocking chair
Sitting on a porch
Like a red barn in a wheatfield
That the sun has scorched
Like the Statue of Liberty holding up her torch
She's got wabi-sabi soul

[repeat chorus]

Like a medicine bottle
Sprung up from the ground
Like a horseshoe
An old nickel
That your sister found
Like a pocket watch
Like a wagon wheel
That still spin around
They've got wabi-sabi soul

[repeat chorus]
Ellis Paul Publishing SESAC

updated: 11 years ago