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Ellis Paul


If you'll give me one chance, I'll stay
and I will find the words
you will not brush away
'Cause you kick out in the cold
every compliment you're told
when all I said was
I cannot
look away from you

If you'll hear me out,
this is my truth
But you say I'm talking in my sleep
letting dreams come loose
Oh you've got this grip on me
in this world,
so slippery,
Ain't it good to know there's
something real here we can hold onto
I'm holding on to you

If I was a stranger would you believe?
Would you take the truth from me?
'Cause I tell you, and you don't hear it -
So I show you and you don't see it -
and I'm mystified that
you'd deny the truth from me, from me

If tonight was my only chance
to take you on the floor for the last dance
Please don't be alarmed,
I am no stranger in your arms
I'm just searching for the words
that just might charm you
will disarm you

Copyright Ellis Paul Publishing SESAC