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Ellis Paul

Goodbye Hollywood

You poured sand in my pockets
You said, "Here's your piece of Hollywood -"
You gave me your reasons
You say you miss the four seasons,
You said the angels here are up to no good

I've seen you walk like Charlie Chaplin
I've seen you cry like Natalie Wood
Sometimes I wish I could read you
like a silent movie caption
'Cause if I could get in your head,
you know I would,
I would

You said, "Let's pack our boots,
our rhinestone suits and
take a walk on the wire
feel the weight of the truth
Sometimes, you gotta tear
the big top down, down
I gave the town all that I could
Say goodbye to Hollywood"

I get this postcard from Iowa
You're on a wrap-around porch
in a sunflower sea
You're running with the scarecrows
You got me spinning like a windmill
'Cause there's an empty stool in LA
next to me

Turn the lights on the marquee low
'Cause baby I'm ready to go

So I packed a one way suitcase
with my books
and my wing-tipped shoes
a pair of blue jeans,
a postcard and my six-string,
and a picture that I took of you

Sometimes you know you gotta leave and then you should
Say goodbye to Hollywood

Copyright Ellis Paul Publishing SESAC