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Ellis Paul

Alice's Champagne Palace

You take a rickety plane
from Seattle up into Anchorage
You step on the concrete
gazing at the midnight sun

Jump in my pickup
and we'll drive
Bring your troubles
down highway nine

I got a pullout couch
and a job lined up at the cannery
Catch a ride to Homer, Alaska,
brother, the drinks will be on me

We'll raise a glass
lift a chalice
Welcome to Alice's Champagne Palace
The finest bar on the strip in Homer, Alaska
If you're from New York, LA, Dallas,
you'll find a home at the Champagne Palace
Alice will pour you a cold one
You go ahead and ask her,
if you're running away to Alaska

Now the mountains rise from ocean to sky
in Homer, Alaska
And they'll steal your breath
and your troubles in the blink of an eye
You'll hear a band with a steel guitar
there's a window seat right at the bar

The whales are breeching
And Alice is preaching
"Like a Rolling Stone"
She'll push a mason jar
across the bar and say,
"Mister, welcome home"

You've never been to
a prettier place than Homer, Alaska
You'll never find a kinder face
than the one behind the bar
Homer's a town full of misfit toys,
renegade women, runaway boys
Everybody's got a
story here in Homer Town
I guess sometimes you gotta go
to the end of the earth
just to turn yourself around

Copyright Ellis Paul Publishing SESAC