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Ellis Paul

Bad, Bad Blood

Bad, bad, blood was running
in the veins of Parker Evans
A crash, crash
a crash is surely coming
if it can't turn a freight train round

Parker had a gun
he was out there on the run
picking off the seven-elevens
With each and every crime
they gave him tv time
and that was as close as
he'd be getting to Heaven


Ka-ching, ka-ching
the register it rings
it's the late night shift
at Wilson's mini-mart
the alarm starts ringing
'cause there's trouble in the candy aisle

It's Parker in disguise
with a loaded forty-five
he's wearing a mask of Ronald Reagan
The cashier raised her voice
said, "Mister, here's your choice -
the cops are in the parking lot waiting..."

Is it money or love
you can't get enough of
are you empty as an old coal mine?
Money or love
if you need 'em too much
you get addicted to a life of crime, crime

Flash, flash
it's a CNN news flash
Nevada we're live on the air
A spree, a spree,
an incredible crime spree
by a couple in a pink Corvair

Parker Evans and his bride
with Elvis at their side
were married in a chapel in Vegas
And then they hit a bank
and shot a man point blank
our cameras caught 'em stealing his Lexus

Live, live, in a chopper filming live
a car chase near the Mexican border
Hail, hail, the bullets never fail
to bring the trouble back into order

Parker Evans and his bride
in front of twenty million eyes
were shot down in a blaze of glory
The networks took a break
for Coke and Shake and Bake
nothing sells like a true crime story

Copyright Ellis Paul Publishing SESAC