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Ellis Paul

Christmas Lullaby

On this Christmas night
May the stars shine on your bright
May you never hear a cry
Just a Christmas lullaby

A candle in the window
A “Halleluia” from a choir
A kiss beneath the mistletoe
A snowflake on the tongue
Stockings neatly hung
A girl with an ember glow
Ornaments glistening
Children listening
In their sheets but wide awake
Sing ‘em fast asleep
Give them all the love they can take


A Santa in the window
A flag of the North Pole
Brother your maps have done you wrong
A carol on the corner
No one ever warned you
Somehow you’ve been away too long
Now somewhere in this universe
Someone’s missing someone and it hurts
Tonight’s about heart ache
I’m sending you a prayer
I hope it’s all the love you can take