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Ellis Paul

Runaway Sleigh

It was snowing on Christmas Eve - She took me up to Walker’s Hill
With a flask filled with eggnog - And rum from her daddy’s still
Broke in the shed; took out the sled
To sit and watch the lights of town
I went for a kiss and the sled did shift
And suddenly we’re flying down

There’s a choir on the corner singing a Halleluia carol
There’s a Santa ringing a bell; I think it’s my cousin Darryl
Normal people in the town square
A tree with a star atop it
And I’m riding a sleigh in a whisky haze
And I don’t know how to stop it!

Look out darling!
Coming through!
Merry Christmas!
Uh oh!
Sure is hot in here!

Father O’Malley – midnight Mass - Preachin’ with all his holy power
We broke in through the congregation - About 90 miles an hour
Sister Hazel she just fainted
Banker Bill had a heart attack
They had people in the manger – but what was stranger....
The baby kept waving back!


Hang on darlin’!
Feliz Navidad!

Seargeant MacKenzie, the town’s traffic cop was working the late-night shift
Blowin’ his whistle and wavin’ his arms - suddenly we gave him a lift
We burst through the picture window - at Sully’s pub downtown
Said Mac the cop, “When this thing stops,
You’re gonna buy me and the bar another round.”