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Ellis Paul

Christmas Train

The wheels are runnin’ down the track
They’re gonna take me home for Christmas
You never thought I would come back
But I’m telling you....

That I would not miss this for anything for you
I saw you first in Central Park caroling
John Lennon words were echoing “War is over”.

Christmas train keep hauling
Christmas snow keep falling
Christmas bells keep calling.....Home

I got your ring inside a suitcase
A box of letters that you wrote
Your picture kept me going
You kept my wheels rollin’
I would not miss this for anything, would you?
Pop champagne in Times Square - Another year with you
If you can make it there
Sinatra swears “you can make it anywhere”!

(Chorus x2)

Cause I would not miss this for anything....for anyone....
Nothing’s gonna stop this train
It’s gonna take me home

(Chorus x2)