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Ellis Paul

Santa and the Tooth Fairy

Little Hayley couldn’t sleep
It was late on Christmas Eve
She put her finger to her mouth
Where her front tooth used to be
Coins beneath the pillow
Presents beneath the tree
And a visit on the very same night....from Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy

Now the Fairy slipped through the window
Claus came through the flue
She was tiny – like a Christmas light
He was fat, but he got through
The Fairy went for the pillow
Claus was going for the tree
And when they crashed, the cookies all splashed
And the milk was at their feet

Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy
Met one night on Christmas Eve
Count your presents, count your teeth
Make a wish!
It’s Christmas Eve!

Hayley heard the shatterin’ and she sat right up in bed
Santa and the Fairy froze like snowmen made of lead
Then they heard Hayley’s footsteps tippy-toeing down the stairs
The Fairy flew behind the star; Santa hid behind a teddy bear


Hayley yawned and looked around, there was not a soul to see
Then she curled up with her blanket and fell asleep beneath the tree
The Fairy laid down a pillow; Claus laid the presents ‘round
He winked his eye and waved goodbye
She pulled a coin right out of her crown


Don’t be naughty; Try to be nice
Floss your teeth till they’re pearly white
Make a wish and you will see
All the magic of Christmas Eve