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Ellis Paul

New Beginnings, Resolutions, A Birthday Party, A Little Midwest Swing to Ohio and Michigan!

New Beginnings Resolutions A Birthday Party A Little Midwest Swing to Ohio and Michigan

Hello Fellow Pandemic Survivalists—

A new year is upon us. It’s 2022. I’ve reached a point where I’ve relaxed my expectations for what the next circle around the sun will bring. I decided this morning while talking to my kids on the drive to school to take this year on a day-to-day basis. Make the most of the moment. And take advantage of whatever the world brings with the things I can actually control. Celebrate the little victories.

Like my birthday! This week on Wednesday, January 12 I will be celebrating with a livestream at 8pm ET on Facebook live and PATREON. With surprise special guests, and the standard mayhem of my group livestreams. Please join me!

Ellis 57th Birthday Bash!
Wednesday Jan 12th 8pm ET

My actual birthday is Friday. I’m on the road in person this week. Live touring is challenging during these times— each venue has its own rules. I’d love to see you, but use your best judgement in protecting yourself.
January 14 Friday 8pm The Redmoor 3187 Linwood Ave.Cincinnati, OH
January 15 Saturday 7:30pm The Listening Room 123 Ionia Ave. SW Grand Rapids, MI
January 16 Sunday7:30pm The Ark 316 S. Main St. Ann Arbor, MI

See my complete touring schedule at

Honestly, the live show calendar is pretty slim with only a couple shows per month in the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, I’ve got songs to write and record and livestream shows to perform. Teaching and private shows and custom songs to write for people, artwork to do. All from my home. From my studio, my art table, my cameras and microphones.

I think after two year years of this, it’s become the new norm. Not a casual passing through, but enough of the sea change has brought changes to my life that now live touring shows are my sideline. Not my bread and butter.

How can you listen to my music, get my art, my writing, and support my creative output?

It’s a subscription channel to my music, art, books and musings and it starts at as little as $1 per month. It’s how I create and thrive in the new era. A new album is coming soon, get the songs, the demos and the behind the scenes peeks. PATREON people will get the music as it’s being made, and an insight into the world of my music.

Private Shows on Zoom: (for home and businesses). Come gather around your friends or coworkers for a private show on zoom! For birthdays, anniversaries, or company retreats—- Write us at for more information.

One-on-One Sessions: — I teach songwriting, creativity, guitar.

Listen to the weekly live stream shows.
I do shows on most Wednesday Friday and Sunday nights on Facebook Live and PATREON. Tune in to the community shows and catch up with me and the listeners.

Below is my resolutions list!
I hope you all have a great year of health and happiness—

40 Resolutions for the New Year!

1. Be still. Even on airplanes. Even in hurricanes. On escalators, elevators, and steel bullet trains.
2. Be the Weirdo not the norm.
3. Be the levy, not the storm.
4. Be the queen, when the hive starts to swarm
5. Be Buddhish, not Buddhist. Don’t buy into the “you’re nothing” part, because you are “something” and ever evolving. Seek the something out. Be monkish. But dress snazzy.
6. Bring light
7. Bring beauty
8. Bring jumper cables
9. Write. Then write again. Write songs and letters, quotes and notes, scribbles and doodles, to do’s and don’ts, lines with rhymes, lyrics and scripts, limericks and puns and one liner quips, zingers and ringers that spin round a phrase, and grocery list stories that run off the page. Write novels that grovel, unstable fables, a treatise of words that could break an oak table, a haiku, a sonnet, a speech, a play, a love song that takes the world’s tears all away. Write graffiti that makes a beating heart rush, write something so dirty Bukowski would blush, write comedies, jokes, and twenty act plays, tragedies with maladies only Shakespeare would say. Write like your bailing a boat with a cup, write like your pencil will never give up
10. Take little bites, and savor them
11. Take little sips, of flavor, of sin
12. Do 7 and 8. Again and again
13. Rhyme less
14. Avoid Alliteration Always
15. Play with your children
16. Laugh with your friends
17. Savor your loved ones, but do not eat them
18. Treat exercise like a means to an end but not an end that will kill you
19. Draw pretty pictures that teach and inspire
20. Remember to breathe when your world is on fire
21. Remember to notice the beauty you see, wherever you are, wherever you be
22. And be grateful enough to fall on your knees
23. But bring pillows that make a soft landing
24. Meet animals. Make them your friend.
25. Watch the last rays of a sunset end
26. Empty your mind from time to time
27. Remember that being lost is no crime
28. Apologize quickly and sometimes before
29. And remember what saying “I love you” is for
30. Forgive all you can, even when it’s your fault
31. Less sweets
32. less bourbon
33. less butter
34. less salt
35. When in doubt, repeat the above
36. be here
37. be present, and
38. love
39. love
40. love