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Ellis Paul


Ellis Paul Talks About Antje Duvekot

Ellis Paul Talks About Antje Duvekot

Ellis and Antje at the 4-28-06 Somerville show

       May 2006

Dear Friends,

 I am writing to tell you about  a tremendous collection of songs from Antje Duvekot, (pronounced: An-tyuh Doo-Va-Kott), a songwriter I am very excited about.  The CD is called "Big Dream Boulevard" and it is out this week at

 Antje opened for me at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia in the fall of 2005. There was something about her backstage presence that motivated me to lean my head into the room and listen to her set. Her first song "Judas", about a schoolyard shooting was devastating. It is one of the finest songs I've ever heard. It's one of those songs that elicit silence before the applause breaks. She began another one, "It's a Long Way", and it rolled out like a technicolor road movie from the 1970's. I heard people sigh in the gap of silence afterwards. Or maybe it was me. I don't know.

Each song Antje performed brought the same response to me. She is insightful, honest and truly gifted. As a songwriter, I know she has something going on that sings differently to my ears-something we all need to hear, especially now.

 In this messed up world it's nice to find someone with a compass you can trust. I plan on helping Antje get her songs out as best I can, by telling everyone I know about her music and it's importance. I urge you to check out the music and catch one of her sets. She will be opening most of my shows this next year. If it moves you the way it does me, then it's a gift. And you owe me one.

Enjoy the music!

Ellis Paul