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Ellis Paul


Nov 25 2017: Happy Holiday sale! Shows in GA, Fl, MA, ME, and year-end holiday shows!

Nov 25 2017 Happy Holiday sale Shows in GA, Fl, MA, ME, and year-end holiday shows
Happy Holidays!
I'm rolling through Virginia on a beautiful November day filled to the brim with Thanksgiving Day feastings. It's nice that we've invented a once a year comfort food holiday. I had egg nog. Really bad for you. But really, really very good for the soul. I'm traveling to Charlotte, Atlanta, and Tampa this weekend for my annual shows. Next weekend is a concert window show and a trip to Colorado! In between, I'm setting up a tree with decorations and lights with my kids. The season is upon us, Santa has spoken, and finished his Macy Day Parade ride before the kids. They it's on...
Speaking of kids, on Wednesday night, my kids and I went to see Coco, the new Disney/Pixar film, and it was spectacular. Some of the themes matched my personal life (being a musician, traveling to provide for everyone, being absent most of time) so the connection felt emotionally deeper. The animation was incredible, it was a Thanksgiving Feast for the eyes! I'd like to see it again in a theater for the spectacle alone.The writing was sentimental without being over wrought. The cultural aspects filled the theater with Latin Americans, and I loved that my kids got to see a celebration of their traditions. Even the fingering of the guitar chords and solos were drawn authentically! Do yourself a favor and see this movie, with kids or not. If you live for music, you'll love this film. It's perfect for the holidays and family.
In honor of the holidays, we've set up a Holiday sale at the website! Everything is 25% off, just write in "holiday17"
In the discount box at check out. CDs, books, posters, and other items are available there for purchase. Just click here!
If you want a wider selection, visit
You can get mugs, clocks, clothing with my art designs.
I hope you have a great restful holiday weekend, check out the Concert Window show on Thursday night! I'm the album "Chasing Beauty" from start to finish!