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Jan 26 2016: Snowed in! Concert Window, Songwriting Retreat, and more!

Jan 26 2016 Snowed in Concert Window Songwriting Retreat and more
[Photo: Craigville Retreat Center on Cape Cod]

Happy New Year!!

I'm in Colorado, being held hostage by the snowmeggeddon that happened over the weekend. I'm surely not alone, but it feels strange to be stuck here with relatively mild winter weather. I hope that wherever you are, you have warmth and friends and family, as I do here in Colorado! My brother lives here and I just completed the most enjoyable run of shows I've ever had in Colorado. I've been spending time on stage with Catie Curtis, who has been a long time friend and peer. We both appreciated some side by side time, and she's one of the best touring artists in the country.

I wanted to tell you about a few things!

I have been so caught up in celebrating that I haven't come up with any big game plans or new found resolutions. Be a better person. Be a thinner person. Exercise more. Write more songs. Love more people.
Good start so far. But coming up with them is the easy part!

I do have a few forward thinking plans this year! Including my first songwriting retreat on Cape Cod. I will be teaching songwriting while guest teacher Vance Gilbert will be leading workshops on performance. There will also be workshops on the music industry, the road, and recording. It's at a beautiful retreat center, walkable to the ocean, with plenty of rooms for shared housing and some for individuals. There will be a show with Vance and I as well as an open mic for the campers. If you'd like to dive into your creativity and maybe give yourself some deep soul time by exploring the process of writing and being a musician, please come! I think we can help bring out the best in your artistry and songwriting!
Click here for the details!

Also! Radoslav and I just came off an incredible four day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. We walked in Mayan ruins, played shows at night as the boat drifted across the Gulf of Mexico, ate like kings in the galley and drank like Vikings in the bars. We want to do it again!  But maybe add a day and head to the Cayman Islands! We will announce the specifics in the next email. Please join us if you envision this kind of weekend excursion for the soul! It truly was fun, educational and soul feeding.

Lastly-- we are always doing private shows around the country! I've done corporate gigs, weddings, anniversaries, a nudist colony,​ birthdays and just simple concerts in people's living rooms for the last 25 years!

​At times we are looking to fill some​ dates where shows have fallen through and I have VALENTINES DAY​, Feb. 14th​ open around TEXAS, as well as Saturday, Feb.​ 27th in the upper Midwest (between Cleveland and Chicago)​.

Give us a ring at the office and we'll work out a show!​

Ask for Brittany or Ralph: 617-393-9800 or write rjaccodine@gmail.com.

As always, thanks for the love and support. I hope to see you on the road this year!


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