Ellis Paul

Feb 24, 2015 - Subscribe to exclusive Ellis Paul content through Amplifi!

Feb 24 2015  Subscribe to exclusive Ellis Paul content through Amplifi
​Our subscription program of my music and travels through Amplifi!

I have partnered with a cool, Boston-based company, Amplifi, to launch an exciting new ​fan membership​ program. Every month I'll be sharing lots of cool, unique ​and exclusive content with you. We'll start with some unreleased or rarely heard music. You'll hear songs from the archives, new works-in-progress and everything in-between. I'll tell you a bit about the music to give you some perspective on the creative process. There's also a space where we can chat. I'll share updates from the studio and from the road, pictures, videos and ramblings. Got a question for me? Fire away. And don't be surprised when I ask you a question or two. Who knows what kind of trouble we can create together.

Try it out - the first two months are free for you! I promise you will enjoy the music, videos, photos, and more. Go to Amplifi.fm and use the code "Chasing Beauty" to get started.

updated: 6 years ago