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Jul 25 2013 - New Song!  Ellis Paul's "Plastic Soldiers" & Summer Update

Jul 25 2013  New Song nbspEllis Paul039s quotPlastic Soldiersquot amp Summer Update
[Ellis at WoodyFest, with Rebecca Loebe]

Hi everyone!

I am in the last lap of the album project, finishing vocals and polishing songs. I spent a week down in Atlanta in June and I'm thrilled with how things are sounding. We are hoping to be have it in hand later this fall, with a national push in January.. fingers crossed!

We've included a live version of 'Plastic Soldiers' here, a song I wrote with the wonderful musician Seth Glier, about a vet returning from the Afghanistan war. Kristian and Brandon Bush of Sugarland accompany me here. This video was show in the studio in Atlanta, and is one of the songs your contributions are helping to put on our album.

We are still deciding on titles for the project-- help us pick one!

1) "Kick Out the Lights"
2) "Chasing Beauty"
3) "Shoot Out the Satellites"
4) "Barnstormer"
5) Other suggestions?

Let us know what you think!

Fundraising continues!

If you'd like to partner with us on the project, please click the link.. We are in the final stages and we need your help!

Touring continues, Guinness and I are traveling around the country with stops at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Falcon Ridge folk festival and Kerrville fundraiser festival in late August-- see tour page for more info.

I was thrilled to design the posters and t-shirts for this year's Woody Guthrie Folk Festival. You can check out the poster here and contact us if you're interested in purchasing one, and also tshirts can be ordered at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Site via an email to them.

I hope to see you out there!

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