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Ellis Paul


Boston Globe Review of "Ellis Paul Live"

After a 10-year climb in which he received 10 Boston Music Awards, Ellis Paul is on the threshold of being one of America's best-known contemporary folk artists. With this two-disc live album, the Maine-born/Boston-based singer closes his first decade with a retrospective that includes new versions of "Look At The Wind Blow" (performed with Chris Trapper of the Push Stars) and "3000 Miles." Accompanying himself with open-tuned acoustic guitar chords and joined by electric guitarist Don Conoscenti and hand drummer Christopher Williams, Paul makes tracks recorded at the Somerville Theatre sound as intimate as those recorded at the smaller Burlington Coffeehouse. "Conversation With A Ghost" is featured twice (once as a duet with Patty Griffin) and "The World Ain't Slowin' Down," already tabbed for the Farrelly Brothers' new film, "Me, Myself And Irene," is given a softly sung interpretation. A former social worker, Paul has a knack for capturing unforgettable characters in his songs, stories, and poems. The result is an emotionally warm exploration by a talented modern troubadour. -- Craig Harris