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Ellis Paul

"The Hero In You" - a perfect song to start off the Olympics

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hero Songs to Launch an Olympic Week

Let these two songs be the soundtrack to your Olympic experience

The Brits sure put on a great opening show over the weekend. London has emerged as one of the most diverse world cities on the planet, as evidenced inside and outside the playing fields and stadiums of the city. I like how our local sports writer describes the scene around Trafalgar Square the other night in this post.

This year’s opening ceremonies were fun, particularly considering some of the countries’ fashion choices. Dressed in big-lapelled gold lamé straight out of “Saturday Night Fever” costume central, the British athletes marched in to the tune of David Bowie’s “We Can Be Heroes.” I kept looking around for Bowie and his band. Surely they could afford a live show? Alas, the music was piped in. Why did the Olympic committee bring in Paul McCartney to sing “Hey, Jude,” but not David Bowie for “Heroes”?

Maybe it was Bowie’s refusal of knighthood a few years back … hmm …  or perhaps he was already booked to sing somewhere else in the world. It’s a mystery.

In any case, here’s the artist’s 10-years-younger self performing the “Heroes” in Berlin in 2002. Despite a line or two, this song is a great choice for Olympics parades and workaday inspiration alike:

Kids tend to think in superhero terms. But it’s the little things we all do every day that make us heroic. Not only can we be heroes just for one day, but it’s possible to strive to “be the change we wish to see in the world” all the time, as Ghandi entreated. I think kids learn that, over time, it’s their parents and other caring adults who are their true heroes.

Ellis Paul released a new CD for kids this year called The Hero in You. These original songs are about people who made a difference with their lives, mostly through their choices, ability to articulate a problem and work hard toward the solution: Thomas Edison, Nellie Bly, Rachel Carson and Jackie Robinson included. Their lives are models of how to be the heroes of our own lives.

Ellis’ performance of “The Hero in You” is an inspirational way to start this fresh Olympic week:

“You can make the hero you are,
With your brains, your aim, and your battle scars.”

- Lyrics from "Hero In You"

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