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Ellis Paul

Ellis on "Never Not Funny" podcast on Feb. 4

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ellis appears on Jimmy Pardo's weekly podcast, "Never Not Funny," the No. 2 paid podcast hosted by a comedian, after Ricky Gervais'. Jimmy's previous guest list reads like a Who's Who of comedy: Conan O'Brien, Adam Carolla, Kevin Pollack, and Sarah Silverman as well as actors Jon Hamm, Ty Burrell and Rich Sommer have appeared on several of the funniest episodes. Jimmy Pardo performs daily at the "Conan O'Brien" show in Burbank, California.

Ellis' episode comes out on Feb 4th, and there's a free version (first 20 minutes) and a paid version (100 minutes). Full episode is $0.99 for audio only, $1.99 for the video version.