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Ellis Paul

What a World!

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Beautiful people and places.....

Hi Everyone—

What a world.

There's a surreal feeling when stepping outside. The daily check-ins with frustrating, scary news...the anxieties over survival and income and what you’ve touched and who you’ve been near all add to the surreal-ness of it all.

I had some kind of illness in the past month that laid me flat, but I am fully recovered now, and trying to combat the weight of this tragedy by being proactive, recording, live-streaming, visiting my kids, exercising, and trying not to  overly indulge in television, ice cream, wine, food food food, and all things that bring weight of a different kind.

I'm setting goals. Daily ones. I keep moving forward with intention. I’m learning, but it ain’t pretty. How about you?

I hope, wherever you are, that you and your family are well and happy. There are 20,000 people on this list and I’m sure some of you are suffering in ways I can’t imagine. I’m hoping music helps. That’s all I got.

I’ve released on my Patreon page two brand-new cover songs produced in my home studio over the last two weeks. The first is "Vincent", the classic Don McLean song, and the second is "Angel from Montgomery" by the late, great John Prine. I’m providing the link to my Patreon site and letting everyone - even non-Patreon subscribers - download both songs from now through May 7. Then I have to put the locks back on the door.

You don’t have to be a Patreon subscriber to download these songs....they are free to download....just click the link below and scroll down.  It's easy and free on Patreon with no strings attached... although Patreon subscriptions start for as little as a $1 per month. I know that right now even that amount can look like a stretch for some people.


Tomorrow Night! Friday May 1st, 7:30pm ET,  free live-stream show on Facebook at:

All songs will be about destinations, highways, trains, and ships and boats to take places you can’t visit now— Alaska, Paris, California, Oklahoma, Texas and more. Bring your suitcase and a glass of wine, it’s traveling time.

The Traveling Medicine Shows will take place every Friday Night!  :-)

Just briefly— I feel like a pilot who can’t fly. Having no travel, no stages, no venues in my life has been very odd after 30 years of constant motion. The Traveling Medicine Show provides some wing and adventure for me. Hope you can make it!

Stay safe, stay healthy—
Very best—