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Ellis Paul

A Negative Test, A New World Order

Ellis Paul

Hoping to pack up my Storyteller's Suitcaseagain real  soon.

Hey Everyone—

I hope you are safe and healthy out there. Thanks for the well wishes and support.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks in bed and finally got myself to a clinic here in Charlottesville, VA to be tested. I had performed at City Winery in New York City in mid-March so I thought I had better find out what was happening and to let people know that I had contracted the virus on the trip if the had also attended. The test was surreal but harmless, and I finally received a negative result back from the clinic after five days. I’m hearing the accuracy of the tests are at 70 percent, so I’m behaving like I still have it until the time period for spreading it to others has passed. I haven’t seen my kids in two weeks.

But I’m feeling better.

I will be doing multiple things in order to rebuild my music career and teaching life for the upcoming year online.

For Supporters of My Music

Ellis Island on Patreon

I have created a home for my music and art on Patreon. Live streamed performances, the premiere of new songs, archived recordings of old songs, a podcast, new songs, and an ongoing discussion of everything I do creatively will be there. It will be the center of my artistic life, my label, my outsource, my home! Please check it out:

For Songwriters

Many of you know that I started the New England Songwriters Retreat in Chester CT. It’s an annual gathering that has become one of the best in the country. I have also built a subscription channel for songwriters called The Song Factory Channel on TrueFire. It has weekly prompts, classes, interviews and If you are interested in building a creative life for yourself it's a perfectly beautiful place to start— there are private one on one lessons available there to get feedback from me personally, and a general forum to upload your material to the group of songwriters from all over the planet. I suggest you use the next few months of time at home to expand your creativity by joining up!
Click here to sign up!

Private Shows/ Mentoring/ School Shows

I am performing live from my house via Skype to schools, private homes, and individuals who want shows or one on one mentoring.

Let me know if your interested!

I wish you the best in the upcoming months and I hope to see you on the road sometime at the end of the year or 2021.

Thanks again-