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Ellis Paul

Live Birthday Show! Tomorrow Night, January 14, on Patreon!

Artwork for the Various Levels
Hi Everyone!
Tomorrow is my 55th birthday. All the treasure and spoils associated with that number through AARP is coming my way, baby!
Maybe that’s the gift of getting older, an awareness that time is a precious commodity and can’t be spent carelessly. Life is short, but long enough to waste.
What could be a better reason to celebrate than to be alive?!
I will be doing an All Request Birthday Show live from my home tomorrow night for the grand opening launch of my Patreon page. The show will have the cameras up in the virtual lounge area at 7pm and go live at 7:30pm EST. Simply go to the Patreon page at to register and subscribe. You can become a supporter for as little as $1 per month, or as much as you’d like to give. The benefits for the various tiers are listed.
Consider it a birthday gift! The Tiny Living Room Concert Series will be archived! For the first time! As well as additional videos from home and the road, new songs, early releases, exclusives, discounts and more, all of which will make whatever tier you sign up for worthwhile.
As a bonus for subscribing you will also receive an immediate download link to an unreleased song called “Turntable” that I wrote with Seth Glier, a song that has been in the wings for the last few album cycles, as well as the monthly content on the site. Already waiting for you are multiple uploads, a travel video from the road, an art video, the song download and more. I hope you’ll join me!
As part of the celebration, we also will have 9 pieces of my original artwork drawn for the tiers (as pictured above) and 9 copies of the new album to give away during the show!
Come and try to stump the band—
I hope you will join me!
Thanks for all the support!