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Ellis Paul

Celebrate Spring with Ellis Paul

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Celebrate Spring with Ellis Paul  

Greetings to all=2E

Now that it is spring, tell your friends in the VA/DC area to check out Ellis at an amazing setting=2E=2E=2E

On Wednesday, April 12th, 2006 at 7:30pm, Ellis will be playing the Meadowlark Atrium in Vienna, VA=2E This is a new music series in a seriously gorgeous setting=2E For more information please call 703-352-5900 or visit www=2Envrpa=2Eorg=2E

Ellis' continues to tour the country as the great reviews on "American Jukebox Fables" keep on coming in=2E After the show in Virginia, he is working his way down the the South East (SC, TN, AL, GA, FL), then up to New England for the big Somerville (MA) Theater show, (which will be the CD Release show for Antje Duvekot) (www=2Eantjeduvekot=2Ecom=2E)

Ellis says " I think Antje is going to be the next great American folk singer-songwriter"=2E

The Somerville Theater is only 900 seats=2E It will sell out, so get your tickets early!

Then off to Europe in May=2E=2E=2E where a bunch of you have committed to

joining Ellis and I for the tour=2E Check out Ellis' web site, for details=2E


Ralph Jaccodine



April 2006

Wednesday, April 12th 7:30 PM

Meadowlark Atrium

Vienna VA

Call 703-352-5900 for more details

Pat Wictor opens

$15 advance/$18 door

Tuesday, April 18th 8PM

Dinkins ATS Cafe - Winthrop University

Rock Hill SC

Call 803-323-2108 for more details

Wednesday, April 19th

Bluebird Cafe

Nashville TN

Call 615-383-1461 for more details

with Don Conoscenti and Christopher Williams=2E
Christopher Williams opens=2E

Thursday, April 20th 8:00 pm

WorkPlay Theatre

Birmingham AL

Call 205-380-4082 for more details

with Don Conoscenti and Christopher Williams=2E
Christopher Williams opens=2E

Friday, April 21st 9:30 PM

Eddie's Attic

Call 404-377-4976 for more details

with Don Conoscenti=2E

Wendy Webb opens=2E

Saturday, April 22nd 8:00 PM

Main Street Cafe

Homestead FL

Call 305-245-7575 for more details

Wendy Webb opens

Thursday, April 27th 7:00 PM & 9:00 PM

Chicky's Fine Diner

Westbrook ME

Friday, April 28th 8:00 pm

Somerville Theatre

Somerville MA

Call 617-628-3390 for more details

Sunday, April 30th TBA

Harris Creek Acoustic Series - House Concert

Hampton VA

Call 757-850-1011 for more details

co-bill with Vance Gilbert

May 2006

Saturday, May 13th TBA

Towne Crier

Pawling NY

Call 845-855-1300 for more details

Antje Duvekot opens (tent)

Sunday, May 14th 8:00 PM

Night Eagle

Oxford NY

Call 607-843-7378

for more details

Antje Duvekot opens (tent)

Thursday, May 18th TBA

La Pomme d'Eve

Paris France

Call 01 43 25 86 18 for more details

Shannon McNally opens

Saturday, May 20th TBA

Private House Concert

Cheltenham UK

Sunday, May 21st 8:00 PM

Twickenham Folk Club

Twickenham UK

Call 0208 991 5461 for more details

Monday, May 22nd TBA

BBC Radio Wales - Interview

Tuesday, May 23rd TBA

Copa of Cheltenham

Cheltenham UK  Gloucestershire GL50 1HA

Contact ethos@fuse=2Enet  for info & reservations

Tel: 07770 434747

Wednesday, May 24th TBA

The Belacqua Theatre

Munich Germany

Call  49 (0)8071/103263 for more details


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