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Ellis Paul

The Speed of Trees

In my bed at night
Im dreaming that Im flying
At the speed of light
In two seconds
Im brushing past
The face of the moon
8 seconds flat on
The surface of Mars
Im kicking up
The red dust
Drinkin in bars

I lean back and raise a
Toast to the stars tonight

Dreamin at the speed of light

Id just settle for
The speed of sound
Id step off this porch
And blow a kiss to this goddamn town
Id let off
One of them sonic booms
And break all the windows
In the living rooms
And blow off the hats
Of the boys
At the old fairgrounds

Laughin at the speed of sound

And You say,
Why dont you go then?
If you want to go
Why dont you decide?
Pick a road,

Is it a train
Or a plane
Or a bride

Your love makes me move at the
Speed of trees
Ive laid down some roots
Grown a head full
Of make-believes
But up above me
Where the angels soar
Theyre rattlin windows
Blowin down doors

They look at me here
Im planted square down
On my knees

On my knees
On my knees
Im asking for the speed of trees
The speed