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Ellis Paul

Give In, Give Up

from The Speed of Trees

If I fell down on my knees
If I came to you pleading
Would you take me as I am
Your touch is all Im needing

Bring me courage, bring me change
We'll find oxygen in rain
And build a shelter in these arms
When this love has come to harm

You know who I am
Put a little faith in me
If you need some space on a shoulder

Why do we fall so fast
Take your ghosts into battle
The suns rising fast
Just give in
Give up
Get ready for this
Give in
Give up
Get ready for it

Cause I am whispering your name
It colors in the rain
Bells are ringing in this town
The women walk in wedding gowns
And if you fear your bones may break
If it comes to heart aching
The dance comes down to this
Every love will bring a risk

The colors you choose
Are yellows and blues
Lets paint the sky till its over

updated: 2 years ago