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Ellis Paul

Review-Brand New Album From Ellis Paul

Kennebunc Journal

The Kennebunc Journal

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

by Lucky Clark

What better way to prepare for a brand new year than with the release of a brand new Ellis Paul CD. This 15-song, 61-minutes-long album is the best CD this Maine-born and bred singer-songwriter has ever put out ... period. I mean, from the opening track, "Annalee," it's abundantly clear that Paul has found his most commercially accessible voice yet, because so many of the songs have that anthem-like quality that would fit in perfectly on the AOR radio stations. Having said that, I realize that is not the reason for making music or records, but it would be wonderful to have him receive a whole new audience with "Annalee" (probably my favorite song on here), "The Lights of Vegas," "The Day After Everything Changed," "Hurricane Angel," "Walking After Midnight/Change" (two covers he's made very much his own in an amazing way ... wow), and the slow shuffle masterpiece titled "The Cotton's Burning."

Other highlights include the haunting "Waking Up To Me" (with backing vocals from Antje Duvekot), "Heaven's Wherever You Are," "Rose Tattoo," "River Road," and the simplicity of the closer ("Nothing Left To Take") ... let's face it, there's not one throw-away track present on "TDAEC" ... the confidence exuded here is palpable and I hope and pray that Ellis Paul will finally get all of the praise and exposure that he so richly deserves.

Those of you who know about this extremely talented Mainer will be thrilled with his latest album. Those of you who don't know, well, there is no better way to become familiar with the depth and breadth of his singing and songwriting skills than on "The Day After Everything Changed" -- he's got an everyman quality that makes him immediately accessible and believable, and there's also a dead-on accuracy to his lyrics that make them honest appraisals of today's situations as well as more personal assessments.

Visually, this CD is also stunning ... the complete package, for sure.

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