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Ellis Paul

Paul puts poetry in motion

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Thursday, December 3, 2009

by Diana Nollen

Posted on Dec 02, 2009 by Diana Nollen.

Ellis Paul's latest recording is more than just a disc. It's also a book of poetry.

"The Day After Everything Changed" is Paul at his literary best, holding a mirror to the human experience. He sings with the raw passion of a troubadour, captured in picture-perfect form on the liner notes, as he strolls into a sunset, guitar in hand.

Many of the songs deal with relationships present and past, exhilarating and heartbreaking. Others tell histories that shouldn't be forgotten, as in the Dixie-flavored Civil War tale, "The Cotton's Burning," or the Katrina chapter, "Hurricane Angel."

As beautifully as the disc begins, with the lusty "Annalee" and the downcast "Rose Tattoo," the third song is the one that whisked me back to my teen years of riding in the back of a pickup truck over bumpy back roads. I can feel the country breeze through my hair on the jaunty "River Road."

1203_art_CDpaulI'm confident listeners will find at least one song among the 15 that sings to their soul.

Ever sought an oasis to quench your parched throat? You'll like "The Lights of Vegas." Ever need a shoulder to cry on? Hang onto "Heaven's Wherever You Are."

Ever steal a kiss or more at the drive-in? "Once Upon a Summertime" will make you smile. Ever drive way too far in bad weather to reach the one you love? You'll love the ethereal sighs and dreamy fingerpicking of "Waking Up to Me."

The CD is due out Jan. 12, but you can get a sneak peek at Paul's Web site, Or better yet, see him in person Thursday, Dec. 3, at CSPS.

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