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Ellis Paul

The Only Way

I read the paper
I watch the news
It seems there's only pain and sufferin'
And there ain't much I can do
It's so senseless
I feel defenseless
So small

I could shut my windows
Bolt my doors
But if I don't feel safe enough
To speak my mind anymore
Then what's the use
I've nothing left to lose
And no farther to fall

So I'm gonna love
I'm gonna believe
I'm still gonna dream
But I'm gonna roll up my sleeves
Give everything until I've nothing left to give
That's the only way that I know how to live

It was a nightmare
No tongue can tell
The streets of New York city
Looked just like the gates of Hell
In a flash
The smoke and the ash
Falling down like rain

But they circled wagons
They gathered round
As they bravely pulled their brothers
And their sisters from the ground
And I know
I owe them more
Than to be afraid

Why seek vengeance?
What comes of war?
I know freedom has a price
But it doesn't keep score
It's too much to swallow
It's left me hollow
After all this time

I won't tell you
What to believe
Cause I'm too young to be so cynical
And too old to be naive
Every action
Breeds a reaction
So let this be mine
Copyright Mark Erelli/Kill The Messenger Music, ASCAP