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Ellis Paul

Urban Girlfriend

My urban girlfriend lives down the hall from me.
She's got pictures on her wall of Dylan and Presley.
She wears them black slacks, tennis shoes, and shirts without the sleeves.
Though she smokes them long cigarettes, I've seen her do it frequently.

Lie lie, ya da dye, etc.

My suburban parents drink coffee and ice tea,
Depending on the season and the convenience of the locality.
My father's Sundays are spent with football on TV,
Though my mother's Mondays seem to happen constantly.

Lie lie, ya da dye, etc.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about her security
Sitting on a porch somewhere smoking a cigarette in a cloud of humility.
Oh how I wish I could come to the end of this living trilogy,
But those urban chains keep right on pulling me, pulling me, pulling me.

Lie lie, ya da dye, etc.

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